Social media star heartbroken after partner collapses in his arms and dies

The partner of a local social media star died after suddenly falling into his arms.

Danny Malin, known on Facebook for his funny takeaway review videos and current affair commentaries, lost his partner Carrie Taylor on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old had complained of feeling unwell on Monday evening.

Carrie told Danny that she would like to go to bed because she felt “wobbly”.

As the dad-of-three helped her into the bedroom of their Leeds home, she fell back into his arms.

Medics later discovered Carrie had suffered a sudden heart attack.

The mum was taken to hospital where she tragically died the following day.

Danny said that her loss has left a “gap that will never be filled”.

Speaking after her death, he said that Carrie was always the “life and soul of the party”.

He said that her death has come as a shock not only to him and his family, but to his many thousands of social media followers – who would comment on Carrie’s “distinctive laugh” that always featured in his videos.

“I started off on social media with a rant about Covid in the first lockdown and it went viral, but I’ve done videos since where I do a bit of a rant about current situations and they all start with Carrie’s voice,” he said.

“She has a laugh that is very distinctive and people always comment about her laugh, so she is an imperative part of the videos.”

He added: “I tried doing some without her but it didn’t sound right.

“Everyday with Carrie brought laughter, I’ve never known anyone to make me laugh as much as she did – our whole relationship was all built on fun, love and care.”

The couple met at work and quickly became inseparable, staying together for 13 years.

He said: “People looked at us and thought we were a bit like chalk and cheese because, back then,

“Carrie was a bit slimmer than she is now and I’ve always been a big chap – but it wasn’t the way we looked, it was personality; we just got on like you wouldn’t believe, from the day we met to the day that she left me I was cracking jokes at her.”

Carrie’s death has also shattered the lives of her three children, George, Summer, 11, and Jacob, 16.

“They’re absolutely distraught, my youngest son it’s not really hit him yet and he doesn’t really understand at the moment as he’s only nine, but my daughter… it’s crippling her, she spends hours crying at night and crying when she gets up”, Danny said.

He and Carrie had been planning to get married this year after joking about doing a “runaway Vegas wedding”.

They later decided the wild plan would be the perfect way for them to honour their relationship.

Far from only being a joker, Carrie, who was a nail technician with her own business, was also known as a kind, gentle and reassuring figure for her many loyal customers.

Danny said: “The tributes that have been coming in from her customers, it’s just absolutely outstanding because they’re saying that she wasn’t just a nail technician, she was a friend, a confidante and someone they could confide in.

“She used to deal with their marriage breakdowns, relationship issues or their mental health problems – people would offload and they’re saying that, without her bubbly self, they wouldn’t have got through it.

“I didn’t even know all that, but she’s the type of person who would give to anyone and not take anything for herself.”

Danny recalled the moment that Carrie fell into his arms.

“She turned to me and still cracked a smile, the doctors said that would be one of the last things that she remembered and that’s what she was like, she wouldn’t have just shut her eyes and gone – she needed to make her point that she loved me”, he said.

Even people who did not know Carrie personally have been getting in touch with Danny to share their condolences, with many of his social media fans expressing their shock and sadness at her death.

Danny said: “The support that I’ve been getting from all the platforms I’ve been on have just been overwhelming, I couldn’t have imagined it.

“I can’t thank people enough and I just wish Carrie would be able to see how much people loved her and us as a family.”